Roxara Engineering LLC

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Europe's leading food technology specialists in the manufacture of custom-built processing and packaging system and machineries for fruits & vegetables (Tripax of Australia), powdered milk and baby food, including patented robotic controlled conveying , palletizing , loading and multi-purpose packaging systems.


SES/HOWDEN - Holland/UK - Colfax Subsidiary

Leading industrial & O.G.P. refrigeration screw compressors

packages operating with HFC ammonia and hydrocarbon refrigerant gasses.


HEINEN — Germany

Modern drying technologies for food , pharmaceutical and                    chemical Industries.


A&K Development company manufactures food processing

equipment used for sweet corn, seed corn, and fresh market husking.

C.E.S. — Belgium 

Cryogenic IQF freezer environment friendly units operating

with liquid nitrogen & carbon dioxide, suitable for metal applications.

Fruit Control Equipment Co – ITALY

Leading International Manufacturers and Engineers

of Controlled Atmosphere (ULO) Equipment , Devices & Controls for Extended Refrigerated Storage Life of perishable products , specifically , Fruits & Vegetables. Also providing Added Nutritious Value and Shelf Life to the exotic portfolio of these Vitamin-rich Food . As an Expert Agronomists can also offer Guidelines during Post & Pre-Harvest Period