Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on international project management principles where all our projects go through Planning, Design, Implementation and Training phases. 


During the planning phase we work hand-in-hand with our customers to define their requirements and business objectives. The result of our planning phase is a "Scope of Work" document that takes into account all aspects of the project.


During the design phase we strive to ensure the engineered solution is designed based on a working model and our design supports the concept of conservation of energy and sustainability.


Once the design/specifications have been approved and purchases made by or on behalf of our distinguished customer, the project is handed over to a seasoned project manager who builds the implementation plan and assembles the appropriate team with the required tools and machineries. This includes selecting qualified contractors and vendors. The end result of this phase includes commissioning and startup where the primary focus is executing on time and within budget.


Part of our project hand over is a knowledge transfer to our customers where we make sure their appropriate staff is aware of all operational aspects of the system such as technical and system training pre/post sales training vendor specific training, maintenance & operational support production efficiencies .



Text Box: Manuchehr Mehdizadeh

US-educated International business executive.

Decades of engineering management, consulting, design, implementation, and project feasibility.

 Primary focus 
Engineering design in cold chain & heat transfer systems

       Industry Affiliations 
LIFE MEMBER ASHRAE (American Society of Heating
Refrigerating & Air Conditioning Engineers – USA) 
     Member of ASME, IIR, NFPA


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