Our Engineering group has accumulated knowledge in engineering, designing and implementing sustainable solutions which contribute to revenue generating opportunities for our customers. Our objective  is to increase profitability while giving the best return on investment.  The Roxara team is capable in providing cost effective energy savings solutions in the following areas:


Text Box: Value to our customers
* Tactical and Strategic Industry Experience 
* Business impact and return on investment analysis 
* Tailor-made Smart Solutions to meet Project's Production and Performance needs
* Fair market pricing with guaranteed customer expectations

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Roxara Engineering LLC

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Anhydrous Ammonia & Secondary Brine Cooled, multi-purpose single or dual circuit Cold Storage Plant &  System for all types of fruits, vegetables, protein products including special food products such as Nuts (Dry Fruits) dates, dairy , yeast & many more relevant products.


Special continuous and automatic operation Carton Freezing on VRT (Variable Retention Time) concept for whole or different cuts of poultry, fish, and cattle products.

Industrial & Commercial HVAC including for Gas & Petrochemical Projects

Industrial Banana Ripening, Modified and/ or Controlled Atmosphere (ULO) Cold Store Warehouses 

Clean Room Air Conditioning Systems including Validification

Industrial Ice Producing & Management Plant, such as Flake ice,   Tube ice, Slurry ice, Block ice and Falling Film Chillers

Containerized Refrigeration system for ready-mix  Concrete Cooling plants

Industrial Cascade Refrigeration System operating with CO2/NH3 Refrigerants

Modern Fluidized Bed Drying Systems for Food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries

Quick Freezing through blast freezing, IQF and Cryogenics


Built-to-order Heat Transfer System affiliated to Cold Chain Technologies

Modern Food Processing Technologies including Robotic and Intelligent Packaging Systems with multifunctional reliable machineries for exotic Portfolio of Fruits & Vegetables , Powdered Baby Milk , Infant Food , Dairy Products etc covering low-carb nutritious snack food products